Current Projects

spectral radiance


Kromwyrm A.I. Systems
An artificial intelligence system that can find patterns within a chaotic time-series. (1997 - )

  Dark Maelstrom
Video games. (2008 - )
  Radiant Arc
Applications of Electromagnetic Devices. (2013 - )
  A.I. Daemon
3d graphical websites with artificial intelligent control. (2007 - )
  Inner Planes
A collection of art, the mystical, and the miscellaneous. ( ? )
  Aethereal Sounds
Audio files based on natural sound. (2007 - )
  Game Control Systems
Hardware and software design of game control systems. (2008 -)
  Some previous projects.  
  3d Object Identification
A genetic algorithm applied to a computer vision problem. (1999)
  V.R. visualization of NASA spacecraft
CAVE Visualization of Non-Linear Mechanical Loads. (1998)
  Surface Modeling
Snapshots of a triangle-mesh algorithm. (1995)
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