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How to change the desktop fonts in winXP.
August 13, 2015

Here we describe how to change the default fonts of the windows XP desktop (which seems to be stuck on Arial, probably due to installing the "xp vista pack").

First we need to move the Arial font files out of their original location. From windows explorer, find and move the font files:

     Windows Explorer   -->  c:\Windows  --> \Fonts  -->

     move the files: arial.ttf and arialbd.ttf to another folder for
     safe keeping.

     -->  reboot  (after a reboot we should end up with Arial in italics)

     Next, we change the fonts within the display properties menus:

     (right-click anywhere on the desktop, and select "properties")
     -->  display properties --> appearance --> advanced -->

          --> Item: (drop down menu) ... (go through each item)

          --> then, for the ones it lets you select a font:
                    change it to the font you want to use.
(for example: "Times New Roman")

     -->  reboot

Now we should have the chosen font (for example: "Times New Roman")
on the desktop.


But now, the web browser and other programs may not be able to find the Arial font which was removed earlier.

     move the previously saved files: arial.ttf and arialbd.ttf
     back to their original folder:


     -->  reboot

After this reboot the desktop fonts should still be the desired font ("Times New Roman"). And the browser's webpages should now have access to the Arial font.


If, at some point, the desktop fonts revert to the default "Arial", (possibly after a system reset, for example: after finding a new hard drive, etc.) the process of reseting the fonts within the display properties will have to be repeated.



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