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How to get a printer connected to linux

January 18, 2015


These are general instructions on how to connect a windows shared printer to a linux machine.

These instructions worked with fedora 19, XFCE.


       in firewallD (firewall-config) turn on:   



         yum install system-config-printer

                   ... or ...

       http://localhost:631     ... the CUPS printer manager

The "Device URI" needs to be set correctly. For example, it might be labeled: smb://machine_name/HPLaserJet ...

The correct labeling can be found on the WinXP machine at:

       start >> settings >> printers >> right-click on printer >>
       properties >> ports >>
      correct name is listed in the "port" column

or it can be found at:

       start >> settings >> printers >> right-click on printer >>
       properties >> sharename >>

Use the "HP Laserjet 6MP pcl3" driver for the HP Laserjet 6MP.
Driver file is:   hp-laserjet_6mp-pc13.ppd


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