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Some notes on gpt versus mbr

October 22, 2017


Below are some notes on GUID Partition Table (gpt) and Master Boot Record (mbr).




To remove gpt and add a new mbr using linux:

Boot up into parted magic (linux), with the hard drive to be worked on connected.

Use partition editor to find the hard drive's location ( /dev/sda , etc.)

Open an xterm, then:

      > gdisk /dev/sdX

If, for example, the hard drive to be worked on is at /dev/sda then:

      > gdisk /dev/sda

   x   ---   command for expert options, then

   z   ---   command to zap the GPT table

   (optional) "Blank out MBR?"   ---  
             it is ok to blank out the MBR since a new one will be created later with partition editor.

After completing the GPT removal, the gdisk program exits.

Then use partition editor to add a new MBR and then add a new partition.




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