List of Hints
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web hints
file:///c:/   set this as the url to access files on the hard drive from the web browser  
current_style.css   short css file  
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windows commands
control userpasswords2  

used to bring up a gui to set a default login for winxp

net user administrator xx   to reset admin's password to "xx"  
fdisk /mbr   used for when an MBR goes bad, same as fixmbr, except its used for win98  
fixmbr   used while in Recovery Console to re-write the master boot record (mbr) while keeping the partition table intact, for winXP  
fixboot   used while in Recovery Console to write a new partition boot sector  
ipconfig /all   display ethernet settings  
convert d: /fs:ntfs   converts a partition from fat to ntfs, without disturbing the files on the hard drive  

ipconf set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices = 1


--> view --> show hidden devices

  to show ghost, or hidden devices, within winXP
app: file scavenger   an application that can be used to recover files off of a bad hard drive  



  to change the WinXP remote desktop port

rd /s <directory>

  removes undeletable files from its directory, the /s parameter is used to remove a directory tree.

netsh int reset all

  resets the network to a clean state
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unix commands
ifconfig   display ethernet settings  
find . -name "ifconfig"   to recursively search for a given command inside the current directory
(example for: ifconfig)
chmod 755 directory   allows files to be readable and executable to others  
chown user:group file.txt   allows changes to the owner of the file to a user labeled "user" and to group labeled "group"  
file:///   typing this into the URL of a web browser gets you to the hard drive's files  
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