purple eye top   A list of proposed applications for the artificial intelligence.
Predicting the money flow in the S&P 500, in the NASDAQ, or across global centers.

Given access to the data describing the flow of money for the listed groups: s&p 500, nasdaq, global centers; it might be useful to have the artificial intelligence (AI) find a predictive model for the time varying money flow.

For example; for the listed companies of the s&p 500, the interest would be to track the flow of money from one sector to another or, depending on how well the AI system would work in this case, it could also be useful to predict the flow of money across all 500 companies at the same time.


AI Enhanced Target Identification




The AI can be used to improve the performance of an electromagnetic field used for remote sensing. It can be a complex operation to predict the required properties of a field that can best propagate through a random array of objects, such as buildings, bridges, etc, in order to identify targets of interest.

An AI that has had prior training in similar scenarios to modulate the properties of an electromagnetic field can be used to generalize new and novel solutions while deployed in previously unexplored environments.


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