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A short list of hidden Windows 7 hints
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April 17, 2017

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Listed here, for convenience, are a few hints for windows 7.


Start menu location:

       C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu

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Location of folder options:  

       Control Panel >> Folder Options >> View

... or ...

       windows explorer >> organize >> folder and search options >> view

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Location of file types settings in the old folder options:  

       Control Panel >> Default Programs >> Associate a file type...

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sys config :  

       Control Panel >> Administrative tools >> System Configuration

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Adding the "quick launch" toolbar:

     right-click on an open area of the taskbar

    choose Toolbars >> New Toolbar

    paste the following into the top location bar:

     %appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

    choose the “Select Folder” button

    finally: the Quick Launch toolbar appears on the taskbar

    right-click to unlock the taskbar before moving it all the way to the left

    right-click on the left side dots and unselect "show text" "show title"

    add and modify the icons within the quick launch

    lock the quick launch toolbar

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Turning on/off the taskbar icons:

    control panel >> taskbar and start menu >> customize >>
(click on or off) "always show all icons "

    -- or --

     (right-click on the taskbar) >> properties


Turning on the network icons on the taskbar:

    (this might work)

    use CCleaner: cleaner >> windows >> advanced >>
    (click on) Tray Notifications Cache (hit OK on the warning)

    >> run cleaner

    >> reboot

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How to disable the windows 7 startup sound.

        control panel >> Sound >> Sounds (tab) >>
         click off: "play windows startup sound"

To add a custom startup sound, follow these instructions: here

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How to add screensavers to windows 7:

place the screensaver files *.scr into the windows directory:         "C:\Windows"

then right-click on the screensaver file and hit: "Test" or "install"

...this also installs any other *.scr file in that directory.

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How to get windows explorer to open up in a certain directory:

        right-click on win explorer icon >> properties >> set "target:" to:

        %windir%\explorer.exe /n, /e, D:\files

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If windows 7 can't startup due to corrupt files,
then start in safe mode and run this command:

        sfc /scannow

to find and correct the corrupted files.

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to auto login a user, run:         netplwiz

then turn off:

        "Users Must Enter A User Name And
        Password To Use This Computer"

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How to add the speaker control to the taskbar:

        control panel >> notification area icons >> Volume   >> ...

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How to add modify and edit files secretly labeled "read only",
but that for some reason the "read only" tick mark in the
(right-click on file) Properties >> General   tab is not marked with a tick,
thus not allowing the user to modify it...

        Use xcopy to copy the file to a seperate temporary directory :

        xcopy  c:\troubled_file.txt  d:\temp_directory\troubled_file_copy.txt

        edit the new file "d:\temp_directory\troubled_file_copy.txt"

        then, after editing, try to use xcopy to replace the old file:

        xcopy  d:\temp_directory\troubled_file_copy.txt  c:\troubled_file.txt

        if that doesn't work, then use windows explorer
       to copy the file to its final directory:

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How to delete files or folders that refuse to be deleted:

        use the unlocker tool: unlocker version 1.9.2

        if the unlocker tool can't be found anywhere else,
        download it from here:
        and then change the extension from abc back to exe.

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Location of windows update files for win7
(before they get installed):


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How to change the default font size:

        control panel >>  personalizations  >> display (on left menu) >>

         Set custom text size (DPI)

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If we can't create files on a secondary data drive turn off user account control (UAC):

        control panel >>  user accounts  >> change user account control

          then reboot.

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How to reduce the size of hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys:

        > powercfg.exe /hibernate off      (turns off hibernation, reduces hiberfile.sys)

        to reduce the size of pagefile.sys:

        control panel >>  system  >> advanced system settings >>
            advanced >>  performance settings  >> advanced >>
                 virtual memory >>  change

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Can't directly play bluemars.m3u from seamonkey using winamp
any longer within windows 7.

        Solution is to:   directly copy and paste the URL for the m3u file
        into winamp.

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How to stop windows from jumping back to the middle of the screen if we have moved them off the screen:

        control panel >>  ease of access center  >>
              make the mouse easier to use
                            make it easier to manage windows

              then tick on:

                "prevent windows from being automatically arranged
                when moved to the edge of the screen"

              then hit   apply.

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How to set a system restore point:

        control panel >>  system  >>
             system protection (this opens up system properties) >> create...  

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How to set the folder's view to a single setting for all folders.
(for example: to make all of the columns start out with: name, size, date... in this order)

        First setup the folder's columns to how we'd like to see them.  Then,

        windows explorer >>  organize  >> folder and search options >>
             view >> apply to folders

(this should now keep the settings for all folders)

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The file searching utility in win7 doesn't work so well, so instead install these other applications to help with file searches:

        For general file search try:

                Agent Ransack, UltraSearch, or File Search Classic

        For searching through code try: AstroGrep

        With the above installed its possible to turn off window's         SearchIndexer.exe :

           control panel >>  organize  >> administrative tools >> services

           Then disable:  Windows Search

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On a fresh install of win7 the screen keeps turning black
after about a minute.

        The problem is that by default the screen saver is set to blank
        and set to turn off after one minute.

       To fix this:

        right-click on desktop >>  personalize  >> screen saver >>
        pick any other screen saver >> set wait to: 50 min, or whatever.



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