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A short list of hidden Windows 7 hints
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July 12, 2017

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Listed here, are a few more networking hints for windows 7.

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Another possible way to get win7 networking with other win7 machines:

    first need to set network type to "Home network":

    control panel >> network and sharing center >>
    under "view your active networks" >> click whatever link is there >>
    select "Home network"

        If this is the first time a "Home" network is setup then save the password given,
        it will be needed by the other machines to connect to this new "Home" network.

        For this password the case matters.


    setting up the shared hard drives or folders
    (open windows explorer):

    (right-click) D: >> properties >> (click tab) sharing

        >> share >> set share name >> exit, go back to sharing tab >>

        (click) Advanced sharing >> Permissions >> Add >>
       enter object name: Everyone >>

        then click OK >> set permissions for Everyone to just "Read"
        exit, hit OK >> OK again >> then "Apply"

    set the security access for the shared hard drives or folders:

    (right-click) D: >> properties >> (click tab) security

        >> edit >> add: everyone >>

        right-click on "List folder contents" and "Read" >>
       hit OK, then OK again.



    on other win7 machines search for the "Home network":

    control panel >> HomeGroup >> click on it, add in the above password

    >> then setup the shared folders just like above.




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